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1955-1957 CHEVY

1955-1957 Chevy

Mustang II suspension and Corvette Spindle based geometry are things of the past!

Some "performance" suspensions out there are based on Mustang II suspension, a suspension that was developed for a lightweight compact car using 1970's technology, and at a time when performance handling wasn't a part of the vocabulary of most American cars. In an effort to handle better, other performance suspension systems have based their design around Corvette (or Corvette Copy) spindles and geometry. While that 1990's technology has proven to work better than the Mustang II, Speedtech and ATS have a thing for doing things even better.

Today's serious Pro Touring cars demand handling well beyond those other designs as the racing circuit becomes more and more competitive. While others continue to play with the outdated and overrated, we felt it's time to lead the pack and move forward, again! In early 2015 Speedtech's Research and Development crew developed a whole new suspension line, introducing the Best of the Best, our new ExtReme frames and suspension!

Implementing what we've learned through years of development and testing and inviting veteran road race and Nascar chassis builder Ron Sutton to the Speedtech design crew has produced a totally new, optimized, push the envelope type of suspension that outperforms anything else in the Pro Touring market.

Said Ron, "...we needed to achieve the optimum front dynamic roll center for any suspension strategy the customer wants to run, and we did it, it turned out perfect. This combined with the best Ackerman of any available front end, optimum camber gain and minimal jacking effect." 

What does this mean to you? Ron continues, "... This makes these the Best handling, steering & driving frames available. They are an upgrade from frankly any full chassis or front subframe in the Pro Touring market today.”

55 56 57 Cjevy Chassis

Computer Aided Design

We've spent countless hours developing this totally new suspension that will not only fit right, but it will out handle, out cruise, and have the most killer stance out of any other production frames on the market! With the combined experience of the Speedtech crew and the help of veteran race chassis builder Ron Sutton of Ron Sutton Race Technologies on our design team, using the latest technology in computer modeling and simulation software all aspects of the suspension geometry were calculated and tested until the best possible numbers were achieved. Our new ExtReme chassis' handling abilities are optimized for both street and track situations. This means a better handling and better riding vehicle than has ever been achieved before.

tri 5 chassis

ExtReme Chassis and Subframe Features include:

  • Excellent for street, autocross & track days
  • Box welded construction with tabbed through frame cross members for added torsional rigidity
  • Aggressive lowered static ride heights with full suspension travel
  • Fits up to 315 mm wide tires Up Front in most applications
  • The ONLY chassis to feature the all new Next-Gen ATS spindle
  • Rack location & ATS Next-Gen spindle provide optimum ackerman
  • Up to 30 deg of steering angle with 100% correct ackerman
  • Up to 20% more inside tire grip when cornering
  • Industry First: Optimum Roll Center location for low, mid & high travel strategies
  • Increased shock length allows more suspension travel
  • 0.78 motion ratio for faster shock response and precise control
  • Virtually ZERO bump steer - .005” throughout full travel range
  • Competition bump steer kits available for additional bump out
  • 3-piece Chromoly tubular sway bar standard
  • Stainless Steel 2 joint steering shaft kits
  • Torque arm & 4-link rear suspension options depending on application

55 56 57 chevy suspension

ATS ExtReme Spindle- The Next Generation of Performance

Since its inception, the ATS Tall Spindle has established itself as the best available spindle in the performance industry. Exclusive to our new chassis and subframe systems is our New ATS ExtReme Tall spindle design with performance geometry figures above and beyond our original ATS Tall spindle.

New ATS ExtReme Spindle Features include:

  • Better Geometry than ANY Corvette, Corvette copy or Aftermarket spindle
  • Excellent for Autocross, Road Course, and Street driving
  • Forged from super strong and lightweight 7075 aluminum
  • Uses all brakes systems designed for Corvette C5/C6 spindles
  • Comes standard with stronger C7 hubs & bearings
  • New Steering arm provides Increased Ackerman angle
  • Reduced KPI/SAI angle and significantly less scrub radius
  • Requires less caster to achieve optimum tire contact patch
  • Achieves optimum tire slip-angles, increasing front tire grip
  • Maintains optimum tire grip with less backspaced wheels

From parking lots to tracks, the ExtReme ATS Chassis Spindle simply makes the car drive & turn better! It is anticipated the Tri-5 Chevy frames will be available starting fall 2016.

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