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1967-1972 C10

1967-1972 Chevy and GMC Trucks

C10 chassis

Chevrolet pickup trucks  first  appeared as early as 1924, but designs created in-house did not appear until about 1930. Through the Chevrolet pickup truck's history they were primarily used as utility vehicles in farming, construction, and delivery type industries. Something changed in 1967 though, and the general masses were beginning to see them in a different light. For starters, a  bold more modern new look came in 1967, and it was with this new revision of the Chevy pickup that GM also began incorporating convenience and comfort items to a production line that was primarily used for work purposes only. Not long after this change Chevy trucks began to be customized as well as converted for racing purposes. Today the '67-72 C10s are amongst the most sought after trucks to customize and modify for racing.

Chevy Truck chassis

More and more C10s have been appearing in the Pro Touring and G Machine worlds with owners demanding not just a low ride height but better also better handling products for their trucks. Already known to be innovators in the industry, Speedtech Performance has continued tradition with our new line of Pro Touring C10 truck chassis, developed in house on our own '67 C10 short bed custom build. Click on the links below to see what we offer to help bring your C10 into the modern world too!