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1968-1974 NOVA

1968-1974 X Body- Nova, Omega, Ventura, Apollo

The Chevy II was introduced in 1962 as GM's answer to providing a simple, back-to-the-basics compact car. Being smaller and lighter weight than the full size Impalas, it wasn't long before these cars were getting modified for better performance and racing. In 1968 the ChevyII/ Nova line was completely reengineered and rode on the same basic platform as the successful Camaro. Still being the lighter car of the Chevrolet family, it too found it's way into the racing limelight. Dealerships such as Yenko, Baldwin, and Harrell were modifying factory COPO Novas with super high output 427 inch big blocks and the Nova quickly developed a strong reputation at the drag strip and on the street. Adding to it's drag racing heritage, Novas joined in the Trans Am circuit in 1970, and have been found in Nascar racing throughout the 70's.

Since the Nova and Camaro share similar suspensions, it was natural for Speedtech to add 1968-1974 Nova pro touring performance suspension products and systems to it's line up. Dubbed ResurreXion, Speedtech's 1972 Nova test car has proven again and again that with these off the shelf Speedtech Performance suspension parts, what was first intended to simply be a comfy compact family sedan can dominate the modern autocross and road course. And after you're done enjoying your time in the winner's circle you can hop in and comfortably drive it home. Now how cool is that?