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Design Services

Design Services

At Speedtech we understand that a car's design is as important as the quality of the work that goes into it. Through Ben, our in-house project designer, we offer the opportunity for each of our clients, both those building their own cars and those having us build them at our facility, an opportunity to sit down with him to work out the perfect blend of design and functionality. Ben has a Bachelor's degree in Transportation Design, an associates degree in Street Rod Fabrication, and has held positions in the hot rodding industry as a shop technician, sales, and currently as Speedtech's creative director. He's also been building and racing cars for over 30 years, so he not only has an acute intuition for great design, he fully understands the entire car build process. With all this background he designs project builds in ways that are both visually innovative as well as something you or your builder can actually physically pull off in the shop. 

Having a rendering design "blue print" created before your build not only allows our clients visualize the end result of the project, it also helps Speedtech push the level of each individual build beyond what's been done before. Providing these unique and vital design services is an essential part of producing high quality, innovative, and exciting builds. Our design department is ready to tackle all your design needs, from basic consultations to full design and rendering services.

Call us at 435-628-4300 today and ask Ben for a free consultation and see how we can help you design your dream car!