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515 Horsepower 347 CID LS1 Based

515 Horsepower 347 CID LS1 Turn Key Package

Actual Engine may vary slightly from photo.


Parts include:

  • Rough Idle, Requires minimum 2800 stall converter.
  • New GM LS-Based Aluminum Engine Block.
  • New GM 3.622" Stroke Crankshaft.
  • Lunati Forged 6.125" Connecting Rods.
  • Wiseco 3.903" Forged Piston Set with Steel Top/Napier 2nd Ring Set.
  • Precision Race Components Stage 1.0 LS6 Cylinder Heads with PAC .600" Lift Single Beehive Valve Springs.
  • Texas Speed & Performance Custom-Grind Hydraulic-Roller Camshaft.
  • Texas Speed & Performance Hardened Pushrods.
  • GM Cylinder Head Bolts & Head Gaskets.
  • Full ARP Hardware.
  • Billet Remote Coil Pack Relocation Mounts.
  • GM Hot Rod Oil Pan Kit as Standard.
  • GM Corvette Front Drive Accessory Kit Installed as Standard.
  • GM LS6 Intake Manifold Assembly: Includes Manifold, Fuel Rail, Fuel Injectors, and Cable-Driven Throttle Body.
  • Complete GM Sensors.
  • GM Ignition Coil Packs.
  • MSD Universal Cut-to-Fit LS1 Spark Plug Wire Kit.
  • Custom-Built Engine Wiring Harness Built Specific for Your Application.
  • TSP Programmed ECM Specific for Your Setup.
  • GM Mass Air Flow Sensor.
  • GM Starter.
  • 12 Quarts of Joe Gibbs Break-In Oil.
  • AC Delco Oil Filter.
  • GM Flexplate.


An additional charge of $535 will be added on to your order for crating fee, engine cradle, and truck freight shipping.

515 Horsepower 347 CID LS1 Based

Quantity:   Only  $10,999.00