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In 2005, Speedtech opened it's doors in Vancouver, Canada to fill a void in the Canadian market for high performance suspension products. The company's initial product line consisted of 5 part numbers for '67-'69 Chevrolet Camaros- upper and lower control arms, tie rod adjusting sleeves, C5 Corvette brake adapters, and offset leaf spring shackles. Because of their design and quality the products quickly became popular throughout Canada. By utilizing internet marketing they also began to take off in the US. In 2006 Speedtech made its debut at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Doing so gave Speedtech tremendous exposure to the automotive aftermarket industry, but at the same time created a product demand that was beyond the manufacturing capability of the original owner.

In 2007, having difficulty balancing his commitments, Speedtech’s owner struck a deal with Blake Foster and Roger Maniscalco to purchase the Speedtech product line and name. Already being involved in the industry for several years through running a SEMA award winning custom car shop, Blake and Roger felt Speedtech was a great opportunity to bring the proven suspension product line into the mix.

With bold ambitions, Blake with his car building and parts background and Roger with his customer service and management background, developed a plan to bring more products on line along with a goal to provide service to the customers beyond their expectations. Part of this plan included introducing new parts for '64-'72 Chevelles, '70-81 Camaros, and 94-96 Impala SS'. Also added to the line up was an all new sub frame design for '67-69 Camaros and '68-74 Novas. Through these efforts company growth began to really take off. Displaying again at SEMA gained further momentum with support from both customers and aftermarket builders. The market quickly realized Speedtech products were high quality, competitively priced, packaged in kits of components that work well together and were easy to install.

In 2012 Speedtech made the major decision to move its entire operation from Vancouver, BC to St.George, Utah. Looking beyond the huge undertaking and risk of moving operations and focusing on the vast potential rewards Speedtech could bring to the American performance car industry, in late 2012 the trucks were loaded and the move was made. During this transition long time employee Jay Weir, bringing his technician background in custom and OEM applications, service management and varied road race driving and training positions, came on as a partner.

Now located in a 20,000 square foot full service facility in St. George, Utah, Speedtech performs full in-house manufacturing, product installation, full custom car builds and complete in-house paint and body work services. There are currently over 200 unique manufactured parts in their product lines and Speedtech is dedicated to continually develop parts for new applications. In the coming years keep your eyes open for Speedtech Performance at more events and Speedtech products on more and more cars.



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